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Pork Butt & Rib Seasoning Rub

SSlick’s Original Butt and Rib seasoning rubs are perfect blend of spices, to spice up any Pork, Chicken or Veggie dish, before and after grilling. "This rub was designed originally for Pork Butts and/or Ribs, but works on just about everything for you to serve up Championship style BBQ, for your family and friends, every time you grill it up."

Beef Seasoning Rub

Slick’s Original Beef & Seasoning rub is perfect blend of spices, to bring out the best in burger or any Beef Cut, Chicken or Veggie dish. You can put this rub on just about anything before and after grilling. “My Beef & Seasoning rub was designed especially for Beef, but we find it works on just about everything, and will help you serve Championship BBQ for family and friends, every time you grill it up”.